Retirement Sanctuary for Laboratory Animals, Inc


Autumn Release 2012

Peanut butter forage boards in the sun....sweet fun!

Oh the concept of a large bucket filled with water and all the mischief we can do is amazing!

It was an early evening release to insure proper temperatures were maintained in both N. Carolina  and Texas in a given day.

Spring Release 2012

Volunteers worked steadily to get everything just right for the retirees.  We were just a little nervous of what this release would bring.

There were a lot of people on this day.  Staff and vets from both the university and from the sanctuary were on hand.

Some burst out of their cages to get a better view.

Some checked out their new houses immediately.

After 15 years, imagine what the sun feels like on your face.

They were glad to discover this was a "banana-serving" sanctuary.

This little guy just couldn't believe the view.

Morning sun is a good thing.

These lovely primates came from the field of research.  

Researchers and their affiliated institutions worked hard to give their colleagues a chance at retirement.

Many caring individuals gave of their time, energy, strength, skills and financial support to make this dream a reality.  This is true giving and we thank you.